Friday, January 27, 2006

It is Friday at last!

YES! My favorite day of the week. What does that say about me? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy me job... it provides well for us and I have some great folks I work with.....

All said, the pressure is off on Friday night (usually) and I can focus on LIFE vs WORKLIFE more. :)

I am reading a great book: Gary Thomas' Sacred Parenting. Everyone I think would get much out of this book, whether a parent or not.

Two things it spoke to me last night...first..that what is truly significant in our lives.... here is a quote from the book:

"What the majority of us spend the bulk of our time worrying about... our 9:00 to 5:00 jobs, (tell me who works 9-5??!?!?!), what houses we live in, how we're going to spend the weekend, how physically fit we look, what vehicle we drive--ultimately amounts to nothing and gets completely forgotten. And what we often ignore in our pursuite of the above-- that is, our children and our families--are the only things we truly leave behind."

Puts it in perspective doesn't it? The other thought I got from the next chapter is sacrifice. How sacrifice is the calling of a follower of Christ. And that my desire to have a more meaningful vocation, maybe something I am called, at this time, to sacrifice, for my family, to have the means to support them financially ... ie that which is desirous work for my soul does not pay well.

Oh well.... that's my thoughts for today. Gotta go get Anthony and run by the video store and start the weekend!

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