Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The 100th day...

Today is Anthony's 100th day of school and he made a hat with 100 feathers..with a little help from me of course....see the picture below..isn't he a cutie?

Other thought rolling around my cranium: Watched the movie, The Constant Gardener, and it made me sad, the lack of value placed on a life. Sometimes it is so overwhelming, the amount of need and just the amount of people in the world, and then the element or cross-section of people that somehow get so tainted as to not value another human life. It just amazes me. Saddens me. How God must weep at the passing of just one of these lives... How He can resist not coming down and putting a stop to it all, I do not know... His timing on his kingdom calendar that decides the point when he says ENOUGH!!!... is mind boggling. Is it His compassion that one more, just one more...would understand the way He has made and choose life?..that keeps Him from coming now? It is a mystery, hard to comprehend.

On another note...Cottage Industry...isn't that an intereting thought? In the age of high tech, plastic and steel, mass manufacturing, global markets and dollar stores, is there room for cottage industry? Not just the financial compenstation of a product sold, but the soul compensation of creating something of beauty, by hand, in small amounts, impacting a few. I have been thinking about it. Reading the current issue of Country Living and several women's stories on their entreprenuer ideas (probably mispelled of those challenging words) resonated with me. It won't match the compensation of my "DAY JOB" and being a single mother, sole provider, I can't walk away from that...but I am going to do some research and see what it could become.


Another family has met their daughter, at least on kodak paper. One of the China adoption forums I belong to, a family had a referral that was lost and it just arrived yesterday and they posted photos of their little one. How excited they must be for the vapor imaginations to become a color kodak moment. It is an interesting phenomenon, that being matched to one of these precious children starts a seed of love in your heart that begins growing and blossoming before you ever meet them face to face. I wonder when I do finally meet and touch the skin of my daughter, will she feel like a stranger to me, or feel like a piece of home?

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