Tuesday, February 07, 2006

WBB in CS...

...stands for"Whiney baby butt in cyberspace." Be warned..I am going to whine a bit. :)

Have you ever been so tired, physically and even more mentally, that you feel like you could sleep for a week? A friend of mine (you know WHO YOU ARE) won a $300 spa day. I would pay her $299 to give it to me! I need one...in a bad way.

ok my whines:

Clutter...I have layers upon layers of papers, stuff, mail, this and that covering every surface of my home. All stuff I need to deal with...or just don't have the guts to toss ("there may be something in there I need to read, look at, use...") and clutter in my home also clutters my spirit.

Meetings, deadlines, and to dos: I have such a long list of to dos, deadlines I need to meet and then meetings, that I could do nothing but work on these 24 X 7 for four weeks, with nothing new added, and still not be done! EEEEEEK!

Tired: I did a day trip, work related in and out of Portland Oregon yesterday. The flight to Portland was late leaving and the flight coming home was even later...so 10:30 at night, I am finally home trying to get two little guys to bed. We were all exhausted this am....

Food: My diet started at 8 am this morning and ended at 5:36 pm......sigh....failure is not tastey to eat.

Ok. those are my current whines, there are probably many more layers, textures and embellishments to my whining list, but the gist is there.

So that's what's new with me. Hopefully by next cyberspace blogging will be more upbeat.

Gotta whine to somebody and I do not want to wear my friends out.

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