Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I am going to be a Mommy again....

Can you see my belly? It is at 6 months along, not as big as Kristy’s but, getting there. And to think, she will be birthed already potty trained, using a sippy cup and wondering who her strange-lookin mommy is! I am getting so excited……it is becoming on the edge of real. (As if all the girlie clothes in her closet doesn’t bring it home enough….) I am such a practical shopper, she has all party dresses and no undies, socks, etc, hee hee….

Will she let me cuddle her? Will she grow to like mommy kisses? Will she love me like I love my mommy? Will we start a battle of the wills at get go on whether or not folks can view her belly button in public and what parts of the anatomy are acceptable piercing locations? Will she see herself in my eyes? Will she ever regret being American Chinese rather than Chinese Chinese? Will her older brothers fix her up on dates? (oh my)…. Will I be able to pack enough Kleenex boxes in my suitcase? I wonder if it is poor etiquette to blow your nose in public in China?

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