Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Reflections of a mom..

I like the picture below. You can see Nicholas on the indoor soccer field, far right...and in the reflection you can see me, watching and taking a picture...

I thought it capture the heart of being a mom. I love to watch my sons enjoy themselves, struggle and succeed. Soccer is hard for Nicholas, but I see some good character in Him.

I wonder if God sits in the bleachers for our games....and takes pictures and cheers us on.

Nicholas and I have a little sign, when the game is getting rough or he starts to get upset, I put a closed fist to my heart. It means be of strong heart and do what is right. Sometimes he will shake the sign off, like a pitcher shaking off a sign from the catcher, but even at those times, within a minute I see him dig deep internally and adjust.

I am proud of my little man...

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