Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Van around the corner and other Sunday Blessings....

I just love Sundays....

This morning we got to sleep in a bit...Nick was first up and came into my room, a found-Pooh in tow, and after cuddling under the quilt a bit, decided to read a book to me. I often read to Nick and Anth, but I can't remember the last time someone read to me. (an audio book of Contented Cows, doesn't really count.) It was such a treat as he sat in the rocking chair by the morning light through the window, reading his chapter book, Boxcar children and the Mystery of the Black Widow Spiders... Just listening to his voice, as I scrunched deeper under the covers.... Thank you Lord.

Later Anthony and found-Teddy joined us and snuggled under the covers. The place booked marked, we started our day.

I fixed breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage and sour dough toast with an inquisitive discussion on why they call sour dough sour dough and what makes the dough sour. (Guess I have some internet research to do. :) )

Boys playing, before they get dressed, CeCe Winan on the cd player, looking forward to church and worshipping our awesome God. Although, I worship Him in this moment, in this essence of Him that He gives us in families.

When we drive to church and turn that corner off Wool to Natoma and rollup to the church parking lot, we all always get a big grin as we first search and then spot Nanny and Papas van in the parking lot. What joy seeing an navy blue van brings our family! Nanny and Papa are here! And anticipation of a day with those who are dearest to us.

God is good...He knows the simple blessings are the ones that linger with us.

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