Thursday, June 15, 2006

The World Through Her Eyes

Well here it is at last. Our travel day to China...and yes, finally, I am nervous! :) I think, how our lives will never be the same. Since October 2002 it has been us three, the two boys and I. My, oh my, how God has brought us so far and taken three bleeding hearts and healed us into a loving, happy family. How much our extended family, Nanny and Papa, have cherished and loved us....and as I was hoping in the dark days of 2002, we have not only survived, but thrived.

Now our cozy threesome, will become a foursome! What joy, what joy! Can you believe that God would bless us so??!!! I know there will be many adjustments for us all. For the boys ( where do we sit in the car, I want to sit by her, no me...can we all squeeze in the back seat and ah, oh, better buy a third head set, let' s tell bedtime stories in our room, no in her room, can we sleep in her room too?), for me.. (how do I hold three hands walking across the street, managing double bathtubs at bedtime, who sits where at the dinner table, do we watch Rescue Heroes or Cinderella Barbie, how about Dora as a compromise?)...but most of all for Mary Elisabeth.

Seeing the world through her name, new family, new smells, new country, new home, new clothes, new sounds, new brothers, new mommy, new grandparents, new life....and sadness and confusion over the loss of the old. As an adult we realize when God takes us from something, He is also bringing us TO something. But how does a 2, almost 3 year old understand that?

So, in the words of the Casting Crowns song, we just plan to love her like Jesus and carry her to Him. She does not know Him yet, but she will. The best "NEW" she will have in her life, a new life, for here and eternity. I pray that God will always help me to see, in the moments of challenge and stress, the world through her eyes.

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Chrissyd said...

And so you shall! You are blessed because He promised the blessings and promised them abundantly! Receive it all without any doubts! The "foursome" is a gift from our loving Jesus! Yes and Amen!!!