Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More on Stuff, Too Manies and the Wrong Stuff.

It is so interesting and awesome how God will confirm things.

I had been journaling and praying about the "too manies" disease and last night in our Women's Bible Study at church (Beth Moore's "Stepping Up", a study of the Psalms of Ascent...awesome study by the way.), on session three she talked about how in America we are so stuff conscious and have too much and just need wake up a little, and when God fills our heart, be generous and give it away. I know I am not doing it justice. But it was a bug-eyed, wow to me, after I had just been grappling with this and planning a strategy to unload. (I am planning either a "free" or everything is a dollar garage sale. I know I know. I said no garage sale, the other day, but I thought, I could put the stuff in boxes, and then one sunny Saturday, once it is accumulated, I could pull them out, put up a sign...and let it all go.) It was good to get that confirmation. Then someone sent me an email containing pictures of what folks eat around the world and how much it costs. An eye opener. (Reminds me of the book Material World and Women in the Material world, that I bought a couple years ago. You have to see them.) Maybe this is food in the material world, the email did not say. But not only do we have too much stuff, we eat too much stuff, we spend too much on it, and we eat the wrong stuff. ....sad....

Lord change us. Change me.

SO the photos are above this post.... I actually looked it up, it comes from a book by Peter Menzel, The Hungry Plannet. He is the one who did the other two books too.

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