Monday, February 11, 2008

Making Valentines...

So today is a school holiday, for the boys, but not for Mary, and the boys are making Valentines.

Well Anthony is writing to/from on the back of Valentines I made for him, (I bought these vintage valentine stickers at our scrap book store and color copied them, added glitter and ribbon and pasted them on red construction cute.)

Nick is hand making all of his...even personalized. To the friend who likes football, it is a red football with pink laces, the boy who likes spaceships, its shaped likc a rocket, and says have a blast Valentine, to the girl who like horses, he drew two horses, and says Have a Wild time valentine.... isn't he cute? Who wouldn't it want a valentine from him??!!

Mary is giving the same vintage ones, too!

So who would I give Valentines to, if I made some?

To little Tadpole, hugs, kisses and and an afternoon of just the two of us playing race car video games.

To Nickerbocker, hugs, kisses and a kareoke session, he can sing, I will cheer and video tape.

To Princess Qing, Qing, hugs and kisses and the two of us getting a manicure, matching pink polish, of course.

To Mom, hugs, kisses and a leisurely afternoon, browsing in bookstores and chatting over coffee (ok me coffee, you? hmmmm, Ice tea?)

To Dad, hugs, kisses and an afternoon making something together...maybe my closet organizers, is that really fun? Ok, maybe instead, a ride on light rail!

To Rebecca, a big hug, (kisses might mess up our and a stroll through the Nordstrom's makeup counter, we can buy any shade we like, follow it up with a candle from Illuminations and of course a chat at Starbucks.

To Stephanie, a big hug, and a day in Scarsdale AZ. I get a facial, you get a message, we have lunch and then go strolling through the mall.

To Donna, and family. big hug and a day at the scrapbook convention, with a valet to carry our bags, then a limo to drive us to all the scrapbook stores, with a stop at starbucks of course.

To Nancy, Kristy and Heather...scrapbook buddies and so much more....a big hug and an entire day of scrapbooking with free babysitting! YIPPEEEE Me too.

To the dear bible study sisters at church, a hug and prays for God's love poured in, and good bible study homework to do! Yum!

To Beth Moore, a blessed week as you get ready for your youngest daughters wedding on Saturday...a lifetime memory week. Blessings to the whole Moore Family! You bless my socks off and have impacted me and my family more than you can imagine, for generations to come.

To my adoption friends on the Hope Agency forum, hugs and sticky fingers and laughs and giggles and quick paperwork and first court dates and God's love.

To Pastor and Debbie, God's blessing, rest and peace in Him and a fresh word just for you and maybe a grandbaby!

To the Royal Ranger leaders, bless you for investing in my boys. It matters more than you know.

To the Rainbow leaders, Megan and Kelly, hug and a starbucks card..thank you for caring for the little ones on Tuesday night, so we can have bible study.

To! Yea, I am feelin' the love!

To Mrs. Cross and Mrs. A and Miss Carol children's teachers, and Mr. E and Miss Rachel, the school principals... God's blessing, and presence that you are in deed ministers. What a blessing you are to me and mine, to come along my family and help train my children in the way they should go.

To Virginia, Betty and Loretta, big hug, prayers, and God's presence for all the hugs and love you give me. It is nice to be liked. :)

So I know I have forgtten someome, and it is not because I don't wish you love and blessing, it is because I forget sometimes...

So Happy Valentines Day and may God pour His love into your heart!!!!


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