Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Making-up by Funky Hair Girl

My hair is driving me NUTSO. My bangs are so funky. They either flip backwords, go straight up or straight out, or do an Elvis immitation. (Deep stuff today folks.) Although that is not the topic of my blog this morning, MAKE-UP is (another deep theological discussion)..I just had to get my funky bangs issues out on the table. A couple weeks ago, Mary, in need of a hair cut, was flipping her bangs onto her cheeks....and then noticed how mine flipped onto my cheeks as well...and she said we were both "Cheeky girls". :)

Any way a few blogs ago, I mentioned a one liner about
this theory I have about running into Mr. Right without makeup on... This was launched from a comment Nick had made that women did not need to wear Victoria Secrets, stating: "Don't they realize to be pretty all they need to do is have Christian ways and wear a little makeup?"

So here is the theory. It is not, what you might suppose, that if (read this in a sing-songy voice with a slight sigh....) ...that if mr right was mr right and he met you without make-up on, then he really must be mr right, since our true beauty comes from within. (although that might hold some merit.) But that is not my theory.

This is my theory:

That mr right probably is not out there (ok don't be getting depressed on me here) so whether you wear make-up or not, has no impact on the mr right agenda. It is a concentric circle kind of thing. it goes:

  • Draw a circle of all the single men in the right age bracket.
  • Now a smaller circle within that of the ones in the right age bracket that want women in the same age bracket.
  • Smaller yet, that want, love, are dying to have wonderful, fun, lively kids.
  • Smaller yet, that are Christians.
  • Smaller yet, that are sold out to God.

Ok, see that itty-bitty dot... ya think someone is standing on it? Me either. SO make-up, for the mr. right-sake, is a non-issue. (More on make up in a sec.) Now, of course, with God, all things are possible, but come on, let's live our lives with passion and purpose and not hang-up the emotion meter for mr. dotman. Hey. I like that. For now on I will refer to him, when ever that subject comes up, as mr. dotman! (Maybe make a line of dolls, or greeting cards, or I can see the book title now..."Not searching for mr. dotman!" Whatch think?

ok, back to make up. For 5 days I did not wear any make-up. It was so freeing, almost. Well day 1 and 2, no make-up. Day 3,4 and 5, a little mascara, eyebrow pencil and lipgloss, nothing else (no foundation, undereye highlighter, three complimentary shades of eye-shadow, two complimentary shade of blusher, face power, lipstick and then the gloss). Day 6, my regular make-up again.

So my verdict is still out. The no make-up, or almost no make-up days were freeing, almost. I say almost because I caught myself looking in the mirror to see if I really did look grotesque and would embarass my kids and the Starbucks folks. Would they start writing Penelope headlines about me? Then I worried if I might venture off and stop dying my roots, chew off my nails and become a Birkenstop lady wearing Grateful Dead T-shirts over sloppy skirts. So..freeing a tad bit, I guess.

So, as you can guess, I am in a far as appearance goes. I do want to feel good about myself, and be semi-groovy mom (all out groovy mom is just too high-maintenance) rather than mom-o-frump....but alas, I am TOO BUSY!

so...that it is. That is the deep insightful, earth rending, mindtwisting thoughts from Funky Hair Girl today.....

One last note, or two: I am going to by dear friends salon to get my hair un-funkicized on watch out. I would call my Mary Kaye friend to get re-make-upcized as well, but I always come away, TOO made up with a too-skinny pocket book. (Pocketbook. Does any one really call it a pocketbook any more. I mean, it won't really fit in any pockets I have, except maybe my snow parka.)

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