Sunday, June 15, 2008

Not worth writing about...

I truly have nothing worth writing about....

But here are my words cast into cyberspace...


I was thinking I am in a rut. But then I do not know if that is the right descriptor.

I am something....

and something not too good.

Muddy, overwhelmed, stuck? Dirty undercarriage?

Not sure about that ol' label, but I know it is not happy, joyous, energized, hopeful and with it. :)

Today is Father's Day. SO I must take a minute and accentuate the positive. My loving daddy. He is dear and endearing and steadfast and always there for me...Mom, too. They are a package deal. They came over today and we grilled hamburgers and watched a movie, Summer's End. (good movie). I can see why Dad likes it so much. Jesus, give him a spot on the lake with a fishing pole and a couple fishing buddies! :) Happy Father's Day, Dad...we love you.

The boys got buzz haircuts this weekend, for summer. ...and that is about as interesting as it gets!
No profound insight here.... dry, dusty, distance.
Unpacked boxes
Backed-up sink
Too short weekends
Extra pounds
Sore shoulder, and prescription side effects
Hot weather
Swampy back yard
Monday morning looming
No exercise
Poor diet
Blathering mouth (keyboard fingers)
And a perceived chasm between me and all that is good.
Must be buying the lie, huh?
I did not want to go to church today. Almost didn't. Finally rolled into the parking lot almost an hour late....and grabbed the tail end. As the verses were projected on the overhead screen, I just felt, Father, wash me. Wash over me with your word. I know no way to reach from where I am to you, so wash over me.
I will get back. I will get there. HE has not left me. HE wants me as I am. I will get there.
When I have a minute.

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