Tuesday, August 05, 2008

4 kids and a momma....

Four kids are on my heart...my four. :) You know the saying, It takes a village to raise a child?

A mom on one of the yahoo groups I belong to said she was "always on the lookout for the villagers who
will help raise them."

That just REALLY hit me. Being a single mother, I am so much "Be independent, conquor the world alone, with a starbucks in one hand,a bag full of toys in the other and a grin on my face."

I NEVER, and I mean NEVER ask for help. Almost never :( Case in point:

A couple weeks ago (I have two cars, a mini-van and a second car) I was driving the other car and ran out of gas about two miles from home, with all three kid in the car.

What did I do?

Well, not wanting to BOTHER anyone, all four of us walked home (in 100 degree weather). Got the other
car and went to the gas station. Discovered I left my wallet in the gas-depleted car, so drove back, just as security men (in a "watched neighborhood") were calling to get it towed. Explained. Got my wallet, drove to the station, bought a gas can, and gas. drove back, filled up the gas-depleted car.

Now...here I was two miles from home with two cars and only one driver. (Yes, Nicholas did beg, but I did not listen.) What did I do? Call for help? No way!

I played leap frog, in 100 degree weather with two cars all the way home. ...I drove one car as many yards ahead as I dared, so I could still see the other car. (The kids stayed in the mini-van). Then RAN back to the mini-van, leap frogged it ahead, RAN back to the other car, etc, etc, etc, etc,...and did I say etc!

The whole time we pretended like the mini-van was the ghost ship (forgot it's name)...and they were prisoners of Davey Jones and the smaller car was Jack Sparrows ship and I was rescuing them.


SO. her words..hit me. I need to quit trying to do this alone and look for those villagers willing to come along side. There must be some out there. I just keep thinking, why would they want to be bothered by us. Why would someone want to come alongside, when I am juggling so much I have nothing to offer or trade in return? :( So I keep my distance.

Lord, you will have to show me what to do with this...

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