Sunday, August 17, 2008

The fine art of smal talk and other mysteries

We just returned from a week at the coast, then a day at my brothers. The beach was fun. We had a great house, played in the waves and sand until all were tired, then relaxed by a big picture window as the fog rolled in. A wonderful week. It was great going to my brothers too, seeing family, and my neices new little son, two months old, Cole. The kids played in my brothers pool for 5 to 6 hours.

So, it is interesting..I think I am anti-social. Nick says I am. Our neighborhood has block parties and I just hate to go. In fact, after going to the first one, I have not returned. It is not that I do not like my neighbors, I just do not enjoy or even know how to make small talk. :( I am miserable in those type of situations. At work we had a BBQ at a park recently, and dreading to go, I went. And had nothing to say! Give me an email, or a blog and I chat away, give me a phone or a face to face conversation without an agenda, and I just go blank....deaf and dumb.

I do not have the fine art of small talk and further yet, I do not want it. :( Am I anti-social? Someone approached me recently, thinking I did not like them. It made me sad, because I did not realize I had done anything to make them think that. And I think, maybe it is just that. That I did not do anything. Say Hi, or talk to them. :(

So what is my problem? Is it a problem? I think it has grown out of the last almost 6 years, being a single parent....and spending most of my time with my kids... I don't have to talk "grown up talk" except at work and then I can focus on the work projects...and small talk is not needed.

sigh....I notice, with Angela, I enjoy talking to her, getting to know her, but a lot of the time, I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY!!!! Blank mind.

So am I anti-social. How miserable would I be if I had a spouse and had to TALK all the time!!??

So do I have a problem? It is not that I feel snobby, what have I have to be snobby about.??!!! Or I don't feel unfriendly, or uninterested. I love to hear others stories about their lives and family. I am just blank.

Hmmmmm. Just call me miss blank.... I guess I am just to use to living inside my own head.

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