Thursday, August 07, 2008

A novel thought.

I normally don't read novels. It seems I have so many other things I am reading, when I come to my reading time I am so torn that I don't feel I can afford the time to read a novel, when I should be reading how to transition in adopting, or organize your life, or nuture your kids, or freeze your meals, or lose that weight or manage your finances or grow deeper with God...
But, in the past 30 days I am on my 4th NOVEL! Must be summer. So I wanted to share about a series I am reading, I think it has either 4 or 5 books in it. IT is co-written by Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley, the series is called "Redemption" and the books are Redemption, Remember, Return, Rejoice, Reunion.
What is great about this series is that Gary Smalley,, who has a life long ministry of strengthening relationships through godly principles, collaborated with Karen on the series. His passion was to take the principles he shares in his books, Bible studies and seminars and weave them into a novel, that would make the ideas live, real and show them played out in the lives of the characters.

The result is jsut that, an entertaining and intriguing story, that show biblcal relationship principles and choices in action. I have not only enjoyed the stories, but taken gems of truth into my own life.
Here is what else is cool about it..if you like the first five books, Karen has written two more series continuing the story of the Baxter family. So fodder for reading for weeks (month, years ???) to come.
Warning. I have to keep myself in check. I have stayed up to 1:30 am or midnight on a few nights, wanting to find out what happens next. :)
So for someone who doesn't read novels much, I am hooked on this set. And appeasing my "guilt" of "fluffy" reading, my knowing I am gleaning God's principles in the process.
(The second books ideas on working with Alzheimer patients is touching and enlightening!)

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