Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Car-heaters, new days, yellow zones, and designer labels...

Smells are powerful. A certain smell can conjure up a memory or evoke an emotional reponse quicker than we often can track where it came from. Seasonal smells really hit me, especially fall and Christmas season...but even summer...fresh mown grass?

The smell of sharpened pencils says "Back to School" is here. A smell hit me this morning that I did not realize had a seasonal pull to it for me.

The smell of the car heater when you turn it on for the first time each fall. It was a tad chilly this am, so I turned it on, first time in my PT Cruiser, and as the warm heated scent filled the car, I felt...ah.....fall! I love fall. Sweaters, fires, pumpkins, leaves, crisp sunny it! Did not know the car heater would evoke that for me.

A new day has dawned

I already blogged about it being Olivia's birthday today! yea! Also, it is a new day around our house. It is the first day Angela is driving the kids to and from school without me! Mixed blessing here.

It gives so much more simplicity to my mornings. I can get to work on time (important) and not interrupt the middle of my day to assist in picking them up. A good thing. Less stress. But.....

Everything has a but, doesn't it? I lose that time in the car with my kids and the teachable moments that often arise. I lose the added connection with them, and with their school and the ritual of parting and rejoining.
So. So we will change our morning routine to make up for some of it. Create a new ritual of leaving the house and coming home, and orchestrate some other opportunities at night to connect with school and their day and have teachable moments. Still, to a degree it is letting go... Somethng that is bittersweet and, as a mom, something I will have to get use to.

Mary's Day

Mary had a better day yesterday, with the new green, yellow and red cards on her desk. She only moved into the yellow zone twice, and never red. And today my phone has not rang with the principal's number on it, yet, so I am hoping that is a good sign.

Designer Labels

This morning we were talking about a verse in Colossians and how it can be described by designer labels. Like Nike shoes, or Rawlings softballs, or some other name on an item. I told the kids how the right to put that name on that item, comes with some expectations as to quality and performance. That if a shoe was made poorly, fell apart the first time you used it, Nike would not want their name on it. Same if the softball strings came untied the first time you used it, the leather fell off, Rawlings would not want their name on it.

And so it is with us, with the name of Christ. Is what we are saying and doing something that Jesus would want his name on. I gave an example, (that to little boys, of course, was hiliarious): If I yell, "Hey you moron, you have maggots for brains!" would Jesus want his name on that? (ROTFL, they said, NO!) "And if they tripped their sister when she came walking by, when no one was noticing, would Jesus want his name on that?" NO!

So...we have a designer label and need to live up to the expectations of that label.

"And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." Col 3:17

So let's not be stinky-faced and then think, in Jesus name, makes it okey-dokey. :)

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