Monday, September 08, 2008

My heart is crying...

Ahhh, Abba, Jesus Spirit. You know all, why, how long, and all in between. I pray for this dear family. I pray for each second, each whisper, each touch, each tear, each breaking heart. You have wrapped them with your love, continue to do so. Your will be done. Use each second of this pain and heartache to build an eternal legacy.

Bring little Cole to running and laughing and hugging. I know you could totally heal him in one second, just a thought and he could hop out of that bed. And for some reason, you choose not to. Yet, you know far more than we do. And you see eternity and the life that is real, that our is just a polluted-shadow of. So we trust you. Just love on them. I pray that you love on them.

And I pray that each one who goes to this site and reads Cole's story, will pray to you. Will hug their family. Will be touched by you, God and know...there is so much more. MOre than our to do lists, and our frurstrations, and our emptiness.

There is an eternal life, starting now, full of love and meaning and wholeness and peace and joy and excitement and fullness...swimming in the living God.

Oh, Lord, how we forget. Oh Lord, how painful some of the reminders. Help them Lord. Help this little family. Take Cole's pain away.

ANd help us. Help each of us to GET IT. To see the arms you have to wrap around us and ours, the little ones (or big ones) we love...the toddling ones, the grey haired ones, the forgetful ones, the busy ones.... Let us not buy into the lies and deception of the world on what is real and what is important and what will make us happy. Help us see you. Help us sense you. You love us. Help us love you.

Ah, Jesus...your blood and pain bought it for your name, be glorified.


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Linda S. Socha said...

Ah What a lovely post. Please add my friend Charli to your prayer list if you feel so inclined. She is a lovely talented soul about 28struggling with kidney issues. Thank you for your lovely blog and for sharing your beautiful photos. I can see that you have a kind and caring heart.
Hope your weekend is a fun and joy filled one