Thursday, October 09, 2008

Lost in place...

So I want to live THIS life:

I want knitting and apples and farmhouses....I was just emailing to my mom last night, I wish I had been smarter with ny money, so I could have owned a farmhouse by now. I remember last year, driving back from Dillon Beach, through the farm country....and praying, thinking, God, I don't want a mansion in heaven (I know it is really the word for dwellling place, but hang with me here,) I want a farmhouse. Big and rambling. Hardwood floors, fireplaces, apple orchard.

One of my favorite of all times movies, I watch over and over is Baby Boom, where the character movies into a rambling farmhouse in a little town and makes a life for herself and her daughter, leaving corporate life behind. My dream. I guess I will live it through websites. and this one, Soul Mama, is an awesome one.

Enjoy it.
PS. I also think the "Season of the Catalogs" has begun! I remember one Christmas doing all my shopping by catalog. One of my new favorites is Garter Hill.
Fun to look through. Enjoy it too.

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