Tuesday, October 28, 2008

three down, 1,2,3 to go?

I am SOOO enjoying crocheting hats for my kids for Christmas. They have seen them, have been my size models and already WANT them! hee hee. I have three done, and techically have one more to go. Except, they think I should make one for bella, and then one for Anthony's Teddy (I wonder if that means Nick's Poo and Mary's Sally will need one?) and then, of course, I might want one. I find myself getting more freestyle as each one progresses. The last one had ruffled trip and hanging pom-poms...:) for Olivia.

I am growing an appreciation for things handmade. It seems like our culture has become so mass market, plastic, shiny, manufactured and too many options....the draw back to unique, slow, one of a kind, endearing has been drawing me. Downscale the world a bit.

I had an idea today...inspired by a picture I saw of an embroidery. (I use to do a lot of embroidery "kits" when I was younger). Here's the idea...take one of my kids pencil drawings and use it as a template to embroider something.... A shirt, or a wall hanging.... I need to figure out how you would transfer it onto the paper, but I am sure there must be a way.

So once my crocheting is done...I think November will be my embroidery month! :)

Aren't I just the domesticated one?

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Threaded Basil said...

I hope you post a picture of your hat[s] when it is done! I've been meaning to knit a hat for my daughter this month, too.