Thursday, November 20, 2008

A resilient boy...

I just love my little Tadpole! Anthony....

Last night we pulled out a tape measure to see how tall he was. (I wanted to know if Olivia was taller than him, since we figured out her height, see here:

We discovered that Olivia is an inch and 1/2 TALLER than Tadpole!

(I was really focused and some concerned in my adoption to not displace Tadpole, as the second oldest and big brother to his sisters. So as I have been finding out little bits of additional information on Olivia, I have kept this concern in mind.)

When I shared that Olivia was an inch and 1/2 taller than him, Tadpole laughs and says "I am shorter thatn EVERYONE!" Grinning big, as if it was a badge of honor.

As the facts settled in a bit more with him, he started saying, this might be a little creepy. To have her taller than me. I really wanted to emphasize that an inch and 1/2 was not that much. So, I "stood" on my knees, and kneeling, "walked" up to him. Eyes slightly above his. We measured my height from my knees, and I am exactly Olivia's height. So I grinned and said, Hi Tadpole. I'm Olivia. And hugged him!

He grinned from ear to ear and laughed. Later we talked about not being sure what grade she was really in. And that for the remainder of this school year that she would be in a special ESL class that was made up of 1st through 3rd graders. So, at the end of the year, the teacher will let us know which grade she should go into next year. (My thoughts are that she is older than we think, older than Tadpole, perhaps...)

I told him, she may need to go into 3rd grade next fall, like you! Depending on how she does. He was very happy and excited about this prospect. Cool! , his words, to have his sister in his class! I am actually praying that WOULD happen. What a great bonding for her, what a great way for Tadpole to feel a special connection...and what a great learning tool for the class to learn about adoption and multi-racial families.

My little man is so resilient. I love him so.

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