Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cupcakes, Basketball, Hints of Spring and Gameboys: A Full Weekend

We had a very fun and full weekend.

I made "snow" cupcakes for scrapbook night. It was fun and they turned out so cute!

Nick had an awesome basketball game! Very close and they came from behind to win it with the fans going wild! He has one more game. We have so loved his playing this season, just a taste of years to come.

Driving through Starbucks, I saw a hint of spring and had to snap a picture of the pink blossoms. Nick calls it pink popcorn.."Popcorn popping on the apricot tree."

I surprized the boys, by buying two used Gameboy Advanced. They had done so well with the old, almost broken one a friend had given them. I have not seen two more excited little men! And I have quickly discovered it is a great motivation tool. Whether more play time as a positive consequence or loss of playtime as a negative one, ...I have had very cooperative boys this weekend. That is just a peek into our weekend....and now we are ready for another work/school week. Perhaps a really special one, Olivia Mame's court date is Thursday, so who knows what this week will bring!

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