Friday, February 27, 2009


Random picture, Random thoughts.....

Isn't that the sweetest picture? That is my Nicholas, who is now 10. Kiss those chubby cheeks. Still such a love.

So Randomness:

It's Friday! Yea!

Chaperoned a 5th grade field trip to see a play of Swiss Family Robinson, learned to talk pirate. "ARGH!Argh, arghy, arghedy, argh!" Lots of fun.

Pizza, popcorn, Movies with dear kiddos and dear friend Rebecca and her son. Lots of good girl talk upstairs while kiddos watched downstairs.

Ghosttown...funny movie...odd movie, yet funny movie. Actually laughed out loud.

Saturday coming, sleeping in, no "have to dos", which is pretty cool!

House quiet, all asleep. Heart content.

Esther study is really good! Week 7.

Loving my God, loving my kids.

So that is my Friday Randomness...

Love you momma! you too daddy!

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I'm doing Esther too:)