Friday, April 10, 2009

A friend's Idea: Cheap Fun

My friend Marcy posted on her blog about some great ideas for "cheap fun" with your spouse or family.... I thought they were great ideas. (go read em!)

I added a couple in a comment:

One thing we do, is backyard smores. I bought a little "fire pit" for the back patio last summer. And we roast marshmellows and make smores, ....and the kids love it. Why wait for camping!

Another one, is living room camping..we have a small 3 person tent, besides the BIG family tent. Once in a while I surprize the kids and put it up in the living room and go camping at home! Fun times, low cost! I think we might end spring break this way on Friday night! I was thinking, it would be fun to share....what other cheap fun ideas to folks do.
I think this would be great to share, for those with kids already, sharing ideas, and for those who don't yet have their kids yet....ideas to save and pull out soon! I am going to add ideas onto this blog post, as folks share them...besides any shared in check back later too!

Our all time favorite in the summer is "redneck slip and slide". We take 2 large tarps and stake them down on our hill, get a bucket of soap from the dollar store, a sprinkler, and then last year the kids tied a rope to the porch so they could climb back up. The result is black and blue kids who think they died and went to heaven!!! :) (Denise)

We also bought a snow cone machine (an electric one) for about $15 dollars. I set that out on the porch with an ice chest full of ice and a pitcher of sugar free koolaide and we eat snow cones all day!!!! (Denise)

Take the Tv and DVD to the back yard or patio, on a summer weekend, evening and have movie night out of doors!

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Marcy said...

Hey Sandee...thanks for the plug! Your ideas are great, and I wish I lived in your neighborhood to come join in! We are thinking of going on a taco date, where we eat one taco at four different stands around town - I'll let you know how it goes!