Monday, April 20, 2009

Motivate Me Monday - A Myriad of things....

1myr·i·ad \mir-ē-d\
Function: noun
Etymology: Greek myriad-, myrias, from myrioi countless, ten thousand
Date: 1555 1 : ten thousand 2 : a great number

Ok, maybe there are not 10 thousand things that motivate me this Monday, but I do have a few!

The first is around being single. It is something that comes and goes in my thoughts and in my state of contentment from time to time. Sometimes I am very content with being single, and sometimes I am very wistful and NOT content. :) And it doesn't matter if it is single, or married, or divorced, or young or old or richer or poorer.... you can fill the blank with anything. _______________ Whatever the state or circumstance....

God reminded me this weekend, that my "portion" is a gift, from Him, selected especially for me. Even when at times I may not view it as a gift. It still is. He knows what other or different portion I may at times think would be "better" might actually be a distraction {or obsession} to me. This is true for all of us. Abba, divvied out our "portions" just right as a good gift to us. And this time span on earth, with this portion, is like the bubbles I blew in the backyard with the kids last night. Pretty, fun at times, but so temporary, soon to pop-but in our case, pop into a whole new life and eternity. Abba is our portion and sets our boundaries in pleasant places if we open our eyes to see it and to see He is there and learn to live content in any circumstance.

On other fronts: I am motivated that my Mary Beth took her kindergarten test this morning and her teacher said she did so well. (This is the teacher she had at the beginning of school this year, where we needed to move Mary back to a more preschool setting.) I was so excited for her former teacher to see how much she has grown and is working on mastering self-control. (Don't we all need that??!!!)

I am motivated to SEW some cool things with THIS fabric : I saw a blog about it on Soule Mama's blog and have been dying to order some and DO something with it. I finally figured out what I am going to do.....a purse, like the cloth one I bought from target and a couple summer tops for me and my gals (it is so fun to say gals,...knowing, hoping, praying, that Olivia will me home this summer and all three of us GALS can wear matching tops! Matchy matchy, cutie cutie!)

I am motivated to get more healthy. I sat out the challenge of 60 days to a new me..Remember? Well other than cutting my hair, I did NOTHING!!!! :( sad face. So Tuesday night, three friends and I are going to start walking/running...(some walking, some running) and that will be a motivation. Plus I am cooking fish for dinner....

I am motivated by Melissa F, and her trip to Calcutta with Compassionate International. I struggle so with our "affluenza" when I know there is so much poverty. ...and the why of it all. I am motivated to re-engage with Compassionate International and make a difference, only if for one or two! I am just not well organzed and do not keep up on things! So pray that the Lord will help me stay the course.

And that is my motivate MOnday..oh oh. one more (I told you it is a myriad). I have been troubled about how much time I spend on the internet. Some of it is good, but then a lot of it can be waste. SO I am going to reduce the amount of time I spend AND I have committed to take the time to pray for each family/individual that I take the time to read their blog. Abba says the fervent prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective....I do not know what He will do with my prayers, but I am sending them out. this first prayer goes to Sarah Mae and her family, as I link my motivate me Monday back to her site.....

2 Things Others Said:

Sarah Mae said...

"my "portion" is a gift, from Him"

I think I need to write this big and stick it EVERYWHERE!

Kyla said...

Wonderful post! So much to be motivated about! You're an inspiration! I'll be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.

God Bless!