Sunday, April 05, 2009

Precious Memories....

It has been a rough few days.... but I think I might be coming out of it.
The last two I have been knocked out by a sinus headache. Did not leave the house on Sat, and Sun, tried to drive us all to church and half-way, turned around and came back home.
In the middle of all this, I have two major presentations due on Monday for work and tried to work on them with one eye closed, taking breaks so I would not throw up.
This afternoon, in desperation, I called my parents to come over. I felt like the calvery had arrived when mom and dad showed up! Fed the kids, played with them.

Families are SO precious! My computer screen saver pulls random pictures out of my picture folder. Sometimes I love to just sit and watch them scroll by. They take me back to so many special times and precious memories. This top one popped up today.
It was taken in 2004, when Nicholas was the ringbearer in a wedding. I just love the first one, where he is admiring the little flower girls. My sweet little boy...and so handsome.
My children are such a blessing to me. I get a little weary when they squabble with each other, Mary and Anthony seem to have a real rivalry going on, but even inspite of that, I just love them so much.
What blessings they are.
And my parents are so awesome too. I wish I did not need them to help me out, but just want to bless them all the time. But I love their heart, As tired as they might be, as far away as my home might feel, they are always there to help me.
Lord bless them! Big time.
What a blessing God has given us in families.
God sets the lonely in families... Ps 86:6

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