Thursday, April 30, 2009

The sound of my mom.

I sit here n bed
sleepy eyed but not sleeping, not sleepy
the window is open, to let in the cool air
and I hear the beginning of rain.

the rustle of drops hitting leaves
and then picking up sound
as the rain increases

I love the sound of rain.

I may try to sleep now
with the window open
to hear.

I knew you would get it
would appreciate it
because you are like me
I am like you

here comes the rain. :)

1 Things Others Said:

Sarah Dawn said...

The rain came today, honestly I missed it. We'll be blessed with the torrents for the next 7 months. The rain forest delights my senses, the rain washes away the grime of the city, and refreshes my heart. Praying that you will be refreshed by His rain today.

Blessings from Costa Rica,

PS Thanks for the pictures, it's an honor to pray