Thursday, May 07, 2009

Prayer-One prayer at a time...

I am tired. Emotions can wear you out and so much is happening right now that has my heart and mind raw!

I have loved Melissa's blogs this past week about her experience in India... Weighing strong on my heart and I am praying God will show me what to do and make me faithful to that burden.
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Time, please don't have your way with me.

My heart is heavy and praying about my children's school, such a blessing a "family" to us the past 5 years, and they may be closing this year...due to low enrollment and not able to pay the expenses. We are all praying for a different answer. I stood on the playground with other parents, all the teachers and students today. As we prayed, supporting the National Day of Prayer, there was a heaviness you could feel. I ache not just for us..for my kids, for the other families, but also for the teachers, administration. This is their livelihood and we have all come to love this school, as a family. I looked at the faces of the 120 students gathered there, and my heart just ached. Abba, you started with 12, and here is 10 times that many. This is enough to save the school, isn't it?

I am praying for my dear Aunt Barbara, who lost her husband this past week and the ache and hole that makes in a life.

I am praying for friends who have some hard times currently in their lives, two in particular that make my heart ache.

I am praying about my Mame, and the delay and all the other families that are aching on long journey's to their children...not to give up. And that the court cases would move on through and new families be united.

I am praying for my mom and dad...always near to my heart.

Last night my son Nick, "chaired" a family meeting...He gave a "talk" to the family about how we can do nothing on our own power and need to pray to God about everything. He then talked about growing comfortable with praying...and asked each family member to pray, Mary (5), Taddy (8), Mommy..and then Nick (10). Also, in the car this am, driving them to school, he did it again, asked each of us to pray about the day....

I heard a speaker today, a RWANDA survivor, Anastase Rugirangoga and members of PHARP/Rwanda, actually four speakers, and it was truly moving. Their survival through the tragedy, but more than that the years of suffering that followed and the rebuilding of lives and hearts. He works in a ministry to teach forgiveness and reconciliation between survivors and perpetrators...and his story and work is truly amazing. Our God is so awesome and working all over.

I just have a burden of prayer. A burden that God is moving and changing lives one person at a time... And each one matters so much.

I can look around at the big picture and get overwhelmed...but it is the one person at a time focus that God is working on. I received a Lifeway Women's catalog in the mail yesterday and I love the layout of it. Each page show pictures of women, different walks of life, life stages, etc...but with the following words:

  • Because lives are changed one woman at a time.
  • Because I feel a good day coming on
  • Because pure and simple... I need somewhere I can just be real with people.
  • Because I say you can teach an old dog new tricks.
  • Because he deserves a mommy who teaches him more than keeping frogs out of the house and getting to bed on time.
  • Because I wasn't ready for just how quiet my empty nest would be.
  • Because when I told her," it's just you and me , girl", I had not idea how wrong I would turn out to be.
  • Because before you blink twice, I won't think boys are yucky anymore.

So although there are many "heavy" things around me, and may many things to pray heart is tender and grateful to God....for the privilege and honor to pray...and the hope He brings....

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Phil4 : 6,7

He is trustworthy, one prayer at a time....

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