Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer's end.....

Although the calendar, and the weather does not say that summer is over, school starts for my children for all of us, it feels like summer is over, mentally, emotionally.

Yesterday we sorted and labeled all the school supplies, filling three backpacks. I love fresh pencils, never used crayons, new empty notebooks...(why did my 11 year old SON choose a Tinkerbell spiral notebook?!!! Should I be concerned? He said it was to be funny.)

We are so happy with our school, brand new Summit Christian School. With my kids in kindergarten, 3rd and 6th grade! I actually like that the 3rd and 4th are in the same classroom and the 5th and 6th. Cozy.

Makes me want to go back to school myself, which I have been thinking about. On Beth Moore's blog recently where her daughter, Melissa, had a post about dreams and what did you dream of when you were young.

I dreamed about first having a family. I was so afraid Jesus would come back before I got to have kids...and lookee here, now I have a house full, or at least it seems like it around dinner time, or let's hurry and get out the door time. My other dream was to be a school teacher.

Challenge is now, I could not afford to be a school teacher, sad to say. Being the sole provider for my family and three kids, soon to be four, in private school, well that takes a big chunk of change each month. But I still feel kind of wistful about it each fall. I love to volunteer in the classroom. ....

I also have a dream to I fantasize that I could teach and make up the difference by writing. Both way out there dreams, aren't they?

My company has a program where they will pay the tuition cost if I want to go back to college and get a teaching degree/credential. I already signed up for the program and got approved (One class a week at night), and took and passed my CBEST. So I am thinking, with the kids returning to school, now is my time to follow-through on it...well maybe when soccer season is over. :)

I don't see how I could do anything with the credential, once I have it, but who knows...and what an opportunity to be able to get the schooling for free....

Just kind of rambling tonight, aren't I?

Well I have bedtime stories to read and kids to put to bed, no clue how I am going to get them to sleep at their regular school bedtime.

Bye-bye summer, hello school year.

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