Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Adventure...

Today I had the blessing of volunteering to chaperone my son's 6th grade class on a field trip to San Francisco. After a little driving adventure, we finally made it to the De Young Museum to see the King Tutankhamen Exhibit.

It was truly fascinating, and sad. Hearing all their beliefs and superstitions, and how each would declare a different "god" supreme, and even themselves as a "god.

The artwork, treasures and various elements that accompanied a Pharaoh's burial was quite amazing. The one piece I admire the most, and could not get a picture of, was a golden chest that depicted King Tut with his young wife...and it had many scenes praising her and her devotion to him. Amazing to think, that he became king at age 9 and died at age 19.

Just to add a funny note, before we left for the field trip...I had to show Nick Steve Martin's old King Tut routine, since he had never seen it.
Played a little song in our minds during the day. :)

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ellerbee eight said...

I love it! We saw King Tut in July after chasing the exhibit all over the country for several years. I loved it. Does your son go to public school? If so, I'm impressed. We were with a group of other parents with public schooled kids who were saying, "We're not going to spend that kind of money when our kids don't even know who that is..." Our kids mouths fell agape because we spend a lot of time in Ancient Egypt!