Monday, September 28, 2009

Proud of where I work....

There are times when I am so pround of where I work. Where I have worked for the past 18 years. It is hard to believe I have worked somewhere for 18 years! My company has paid for both of my degrees, a well-compensated job has allowed me to adopt, twice, has given me benefits through both of my pregnancies, allows flexibility to volunteer at my children's school's and even pays the school a grant for the hours I volunteer. Just this past year they added an adoption benefit, that partially reimburses adoption costs. I have challenging and fun work and have made great relationships and friends. I have been truly blessed to work at Intel. Time and time again, I see my company reach out to the community on a daily basis as well as in major crisis, through volunteering and giving time and money.
What made me proud today, is the Intel site in Vietnam. Below is a video of that site. I love that Intel chooses to set up operations in countries that can truly benefit from the opportunity of employment and commerce. Vietnam is one of those countries. I know some people feel that corporations started or owned by American entreprenuers or boards should keep their work in the US. I am one to disagree. I do not believe a US citizen is any more entitled to an opportunity or income than a citizen of ANY country. We are all people. All with needs. All with desires to support our families and sustain life. So I say bravo, when my company invests their resources in a country that is in far more need than we are.
Intel has opportunities and investments all over the globe, including the US. And I see the Vietnam site, as well as those in many other countries with economic needs, as a good thing. A benefit for all.
Bravo Intel. You make me proud.

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