Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tighten your belts...

It has been quite a time for us lately. FAMILY is the biggest word that comes to mind...and PRAYER the second one. :)
God has been showing us things in our family, via school and days at home with my kids, surgery, and heartache, ...things that need attention and prayer.
It has also been an extended season of belt tightening, making do and perspective change.
Hard time, but also a turning in, family nesting, time. ....
A big thing I have seen is I just don't have enough time....and I am inconsistent. Trying to be all in this family, breadwinner, provider, house manager, momma, means that somethings are not done as well. :( And it is fraying around the edges.
This past week or so has shifted priorities, increased the intensity and frequency of prayer and caused me to pull in and away to focus within our next.
In this season, I know God is doing an eternal work in me and in my kids. I hate to make the hard and unpopular decisions, but just as Nick said when I was helping him with his homework "That's what mom's are for!!!"
Prayers appreciated.

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