Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I love Beth!

Beth Moore, that is. Her teaching, her being used by God. Her ability to ask the hard, tough questions and just be authentic and true.

We are in our second week of this Bible Study and it is good. I was feeling so much in need, worn, and a little overwhelmed. Tuesdays are SOOO hard....and then having to "lead" a Bible Study on top of it.

This one however, is easy...no homework, push a button, pray.

Easy... yet today was hectic. Early meetings, late meetings, drs appts in the middle,.. storm, wind, rain, blew over the basket ball hoop, I then try to set it back up, alone, and a bucket of water pours down the back of my neck..and no time to change.... get the idea.

Then I come, with other women, being ourselves...and listen. And God speaks. He uses Beth to reach us where we are. To tell us, yep, I chose you, I love you, I want to bless you and bless others through you. And yes, it is ok to ask me the hard questions.

Good stuff. Where would we be without the love of God? He is a giver, not a taker. Thank you Lord, for all you have given and continue to give. Forgive me for doubting and whining. Thank you for your daughter and heiress Beth and how you bless us through her!

I love the real deal!

Prayers: Mame's paperwork progress, USCIS finish homestudy update and get my new 171H, a country home for me and mine...all God's will be done.

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