Monday, February 22, 2010

Having a blast feathering our new nest...

The kids and I are having a blast at our new place. They have seen bunnies, hawks, {ants!, spiders!}, a grey heron and tons of trees.
We have a new buddy, Jay from down the lane, who is in the same grade as Taddy. (Remember that friend I was praying for...for Taddy? ...)
We have discovered "treasures" lost in boxes and enjoyed sunsets and early morning fog.
We are in love with our new place even if we are still up to our neck in boxes!
What a blessing God has given us. I don't have internet {or phone} at home for a few more I will be more quiet than usual....but I am sure I can keep busy unpacking a box or two, or three, or 20!
Hope to be able to post some pictures soon.

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The Cartwright Family said...

Nest Away my dear friend, Nest away! Can't wait to see pictures. and hear some stories. Congrats