Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Packing, sewing, moving, and vintage hunting....

I have been sorting and packing like crazy to get ready for our move next week and our garage sale this weekend. Nick said he loves the packing, because we find all kinds of things we forgot we had. {must not really need}. It was his idea to have a garage sale. I did not want to do it. Would rather just take all to the thrift store, but he promised he would man the sale. (That was before we checked his basketball schedule and he will be gone the better part of the day.) But a sale we will have.

I also have been spending a lot of time working on my kids Valentines presents. More on that at the end of this post.

And in the middle of all that (working, leading a Bible study, running a house, cooking dinner, too) I have been doing some vintage hunting at thrift and antique stores and having so much fun doing it.

Look at all my goodies! I am in a vintage swap and will be sending a package of items to my vintage buddy. The hard part is choosing what, and I still am not done hunting.

Here are just a few of my finds.

I REALLY want a vinyl record player. I am going to have to hunt one down.

I just love linens and thread, trim...

I found a shop that specializes in vintage french trim, ribbons and embroidery thread. I am trying to talk her into putting her stuff on Etsy.

I bought the most lovely to the touch and eye, pink, brown and sapphire embroidery floss from her.

The picture does not do it justice.

and I have seen so many lovely ideas to do with doillies. Pillows, curtain panels, and even on bags or shirts...

I found this old Japanese punch needle embroidery kit with rayon floss.

I don't think this is old. I just like it and it was a thrift store find. I think I am going to sew it to the bottom of some jeans.

And on to the Valentines gift. I am using embroidery, applicae and crochet on white pillow cases to make special Valentine cases for my kids. On the front each one says: "I love you more than..." Then on the back they each say something different. One says "Chocolate!" One says "Mustard!" and one says "Butterscotch!".
Then I crocheted trim around the top. I am almost done with the last one...here are the other two.

So... that is what has been keeping me busy!

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