Wednesday, February 03, 2010

This and this and this...

My son said today should be National Tire Day. After needing new tires for a LOOONNNNGGG time, and driving on the spare after a flat, three weeks was with great joy, yes, I actually felt JOY over buying new tires. Not the price, mind you, but the joy that I COULD and DID buy new tires and that my van was less risky....

So National Tire Day...and Nick said when we are rich and famous, they will make it a national holiday in honor of us. Asking how we were going to become rich and famous, he said he and Taddy would handle that. Hearing recently that they both wanted to be missionaries, I said you may end up famous, but probably not rich...At least in earthly treasures. At which he said, he would write books while on the mission field and THAT would be the rich part.

So....sitting in the customer lounge waiting on my tires to be installed... I came across a wonderful little magazine I had never heard of before. Birds and Bloom. Quite inspiring. Reminding me how much I love flowers and gardens and nature and birds. Filled my head with ideas of bird feeders and planting a big section of lavander when we move.

I LOVE lavander. No clue how easy it is to grow (think you have to water it, which seems to be my downfall with many a plant..but I want to turn over a new leaf in that respect.)..

So I am dreaming of a large field or plot of this:

And then to dry it and knit these: to give as gifts and just hang on each of our beds. Isn't it heavenly?
I discoverd the sachet pattern from this blog, a nest full of eggs. The blogger is sharing a new craft book each month and I must admit, I AM putting most of them on my amazon wish list to come back to on another day.
I am thinking this one, I can probably figure out and duplicate on my own, or something similiar. The posies will have to be in lavander yarn, of course!
Oh the dreams of my country life!

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Anonymous said...

Dreams of the country life are the best aren't they?

Glad you got those new tires :)