Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Waxing Nostalgic....

Recognize him? Sad-eyed Joe, from KnottsBerry Farm? Some where I have a picture of my mom, and her sister Tooty, sitting on both sides of Joe....acting silly. I love that picture. I have some other pictures of my brother and I at KnottsBerry Farm as young kids. I know KnottsBerry has changed through the years to a "normal" modern theme park....but I love the old vintage Knotts Berry... A book is coming out full of pictures and memoriabilia and a big shindig is happening this weekend to commemorate how a little fruit stand became such a part of California culture.

I had been debating whether to invest in Six Flag tickets this summer. Last summer we bought season tickets and used them well...especially at Christmas time......but was thinking....a should save money.

Then some time last week, on the drive into school, the kids starting talking about this ride, or that ride and this time we went...and I realized...this will be some of the memories they will get nostalgic about when they get older. How we went to Six Flags over the summers. :)

So I ordered the tickets....and am looking forward to building the memories.....

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