Saturday, July 31, 2010

24 days left.... to soak up summer

Like my new header? Reading under the quilt tent, our sunflowers...and a day in Lake Tahoe.... that is summer time.

We only have 24 days left of summer....well, at least until school starts and I want to use them wisely....a mixture of end of summer fun and prepartion for back to work and back to school.

This coming week we are going to San Francisco on Tuesday (SF Zoo then dinner at the Rainforest Cafe with a stroll around Fisherman's wharf).....and Thursday afternoon, we are off to Monterey for an overnight...Monterey Aquarium and a reunion of sorts...Olivia gets to reunite with her friend Wubitu from the Faith house in Addis Ababa. Wubitu has been here in California with her new family for a little over a year....and Olivia, of course is coming up to two months....not quite, but almost. She is excited to see Wubitu. I am excited to be at the ocean! :) And mixed in with all of this is ESL tutoring, library trips, social worker visit.... (our first post-placement visit is Monday....).....

It feels like we are on the go, alot! But I love the "down" and relaxed days in between as well. My Nick has been at Jesus Culture and comes home today!! YEA! And my Taddy had a sleepover last night at his dad's, so he is coming home too! And mom and dad are coming over a family Saturday night...with Chili dogs..and ROOK! :)

Soaking up summer.

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Soak it up and enjoy!