Thursday, July 15, 2010

God sightings ...." whole lot of lovely too"..

"To use this space as a way to see and seek the simple joys in our lives, and in my days. Because of course, when you set about looking for it, thats what you find.....remind me that amidst the yuck, there was a whole lot of lovely too." -Amanda Soule

So often, I find myself using my space, my blog space, to reach out to the world with my questions, my ponderings, my ventings, as well as my little joys. Not saying that is good or bad.... But often I read other's blogs and everything comes across as rosy, and wonderful. Their kids never fight or act selfishly, momma never questions or is exhausted, life is always ...perfect. But that is not true, now is it?

But I do like Amanda's thoughts...that amidst the yuck, there really is lovely too...if we look for it. Like Ann shares, her 1000 gifts posts....counting the gifts or blessings in our is there, tucked in the corner of even the hardest day. Maybe I should use my private journal for my venting posts and focus on the blessings on my blog?

"earthed is crammed with heaven and every common bush afire with God."

My kids are in vacation bible school this week, which, like all things has been a mixed blessing...but mainly a good one. We have had a couple meltdowns...but overall, it has been good for them and good for momma. One of the themes during their week is to look for "God sightings"....I use to call it a "gimpse of Aslan's mane", with just the boys (based on the Narnia books)....looking for and sharing the common bushes we see afire with God.

yesterday was a really hard day...and I was tempted to let the yuck bury in mud the burning bush.... until I read what Amanda wrote.

So tucked in yesterday were:

-curtains blowing in the breeze on the deck

-smiles of delight

-joyful music

-tears turned to hugs


-a child on my lap

-knitting a row or two

-morning glory vines on my porch

-morning Starbucks run

-asking forgiveness


What will I find today?

1 Things Others Said:

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your blog, but I SO know what you mean about the adoption blog world seeming so rosy! I recently started blogging, and one of my biggest reasons for doing it is to be a more "realistic" blogger. Not everything is sunshine and Disney World vacations, after all!

Yet there is so much joy in the adoption journey, as you point out. Finding the balance between the joy and the sorrow is the tricky part.

Smiles to you from a new reader. :)