Monday, August 30, 2010

the edges of fall in my heart.....

...pumpkin drinker.....

= YUM!
The Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbucks! (and sitting on the corner of my desk). It is only August 30th, still two days until September (and I bet a lot of Indian Summer still ahead for us), but the edge of autumn is creeping up into my soul! I love autumn. My favorite time of year, and as soon as the kids start back to school, I start yearning for it.
I am tasting autumn in my coffee, in the sweater I am knitting, in the drying sunflowers hung in the garden, in the Italian Sausage soup we had for dinner this weekend, in the Princess Tiana Beignets Olivia and I made (nothing like baking in Autumn), in the cooler weather the last couple of days....and in the new Bible Study I am starting.
Ahhh! A new Bible Study when the kids start back to a new school year. I started this morning, Kelly Minter's other study (I just finished the Ruth one this summer) called No Other Gods. (you can order the member book on, too. Get the workbook, not the book.)
I am excited... You know it's going to be a good one, iwhen, in the intro alone, I have 7 underlines and four comments written in the margin. (am I desperately in need of God, or what?) I like to begin each study with the date and a short "letter" in the front page, on what I am desiring in my walk with God in this season. It is great to reflect back at the end (and even years later). This is what I wrote on the start of this one:
"aug 30, 2010 i start this study in a very hard place - admist a storm of family life, praying, begging for things to change - for children to be kinder toward each other - for the love of God to grow in their hearts and for me to quit losing it. it is more than i can handle - i come to the end of myself daily. it is impossible for me alone - i need you, Lord - to make all things possible. i need to be filled with your love daily, i need your wisdom, - i need to walk in the Spirit. i need to feel you - I need you, Jesus - sandee"
That is my heart and my fall starts edging its colors and smells and textures into my heart.

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