Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Come along side.....

This is worth a repost.
Gabi, who I have chatted about a lot...:)....is getting closer to the goal of what she needs to support her girls in Uganda. January she will be hopping on that plane, and wouldn't it be awesome for her to spend her last 2 1/2 months NOT worrying about finding support?
You can read all about the details I posted before here.
A few month's ago, I prayed that God would show me ways to help orphans...MORE and to make it personal.....one of the things He did, was lay Gabi and her ministry on my heart.
So it may seem like the cost of one latte is not worth the effort to go click, but IT IS.
One latte, once a month.
if 25 people would do that little thing......well...there...she would have it all. :)
so yes, that little sip could make the difference. :)

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