Saturday, October 09, 2010

Stumble, trip, stumble, trip, stumble, trip...

I use to love to read this book to my boys..when they were littlier. Actually they still like to hear it now, as do Mary Beth and Olivia.
All the sound effects.
The journey through the deep, dark, forest describes my walk with God, often.

Stumble, trip, stumble, trip, stumble trip.
I get weary of myself stumble-tripping through this walk. But I guess even with a stumble-trip, I am walking. I am moving forward.
Had a stumble-trip kind of morning so far, with this one squabbling, that one crying, this one fussing, that one accusing and momma just wanting a little REST!! That was my stumble-trip!! I should have gotten up and interacted calmly, effectively. :( I did not.
Now I have to go and patch up hurt feelings and grouchy moods. God doesn't have to work to hard to keep me stumble-tripping does it quite well.
I know I am in good I read in the Bible of Peter, John, David, Abraham. Seems like stumble-trip is more the norm than the exception.
Still makes me myself.
I have been asked to give a short testimony at a church gathering this Sunday. As I was outlining what I would share....I thought of this: How to share the passion of God in my heart and not come across like I have my act all together...that all the while I am stumble-tripping my way. It seems like we sometimes think that if we are passionate about God, then perfection follows. And then, each of us, knowing in our hearts that we are not perfect, feel discouraged looking from the outside, at others walk. Thinking{ "They are perfect, I am not. If I was more ____________ (committed, faithful, dedicated, ....etc) then I would be perfect like them."
This distances us.

I don't want to pretend for a minute that my walk is not a stumble-trip. I just want to share my passion that an authentic walk with Jesus is not only possible, but soul-satisfying, especially for the broken, just like me.

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