Monday, November 08, 2010

We have nothing to fear because God is sovereign.

Radical Chapter 8 - Risk and Reward of the Radical Life

I am participating in a read-along book club, Radical by David Platt on Marla's blog.

When I was 40, I was childless.
Sadly, I thought I always would be.

13 years later...I have four children God has blessed me with.

That He would take a risk with a broken momma like me, is something strange, and a picture of his radical love for me.

The same Bible that holds Matt 10, also holds Titus 2 and Proverbs 31.
As a woman, as a mother, trusting, surrendering, God is leading.

This week, He lead me to peace. I have been released to contentment in Him and peace, knowing God is sovereign. Something I have not had for the past 9 weeks of reading Radical. Somewhere I lost it, forgot it, thinking I had to figure this out myself.

I am resting in his sovereignty, knowing as His lamb, willing to follow, He will lead.

Not all paths are for every person. Trusting in the Lord, He leads us on the path He has for us. And that is freeing. I do not have to figure it out. I do not have to fret. I am not afraid of the risks, with a sovereign, loving God leading me.

I have really seen, in this journey through Radical, and my journey with God, when things get tense...unclear, troubling, to turn to God in prayer and to turn to His word is always the answer.

The whole counsel of His word, quickened by the Holy Spirit will lead us where He wants us to go. (or stay).

I am once again at peace with our today and excited about our tomorrows, looking forward to seeing what God will do with a surrendered heart and our little family.

6 Things Others Said:

Renee said...

Well, I can tell you that God is ALREADY using you and your little family, to minister to me. I always enjoy seeing what you have to say on your blog. It makes me think!

I still haven't ordered Radical. I'm trying to decide between that and Crazy Love, since I can't get either at the library.

Marla Taviano said...

This is so encouraging, Sandee. And your kiddos are beautiful.

Renee said...

That is so true, God is sovereign, and I had forgotten that also. It's nice to be reminded I don't have to figure it all out.
He already has!!

Natalie said...

I'm so glad to hear you have peace! It has been a rocky journey, hasn't it? I'm not sure how I feel, honestly. I think tension would be the right word. And tension is good, too, isn't it?

Your children are beautiful!

Mainline Mom said...

I really loved this post. I hopped over here from Marla's blog. I wrote something along the same lines today. I've not been keeping up with the read along in Radical but I've read enough of it to know that's how I want to live. But I am content and peaceful. I know God is sovereign, and only in His time will he bring my husband into wanting to live this way too.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

beautifully put..and God will always use a surrendered heart (and by the looks of it, He already has)