Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas School Program and Day 8: Christmas time is here (Charlie Brown)

One of my greatest joys at Christmas is watching my children perform in the Christmas program at school (or church)   I remember, back in 1997, before I had kids, thinking I never would, attending the school program of child of a friend of mine, and watching as tears ran down my face.   I thought I would never be standing in such a place watching children of my own in a Christmas play.   Little did I know...the Summit Christian School play is tomorrow night!  I will have all four of my children performing!  Such joy!  It will be Olivia's first play!  So here is a snapshot, back through the years, of the joy God gave this momma's heart in watching her little musicians and thespians on stage celebrating the birth of our King and Savior!









I pray you laugh out loud in joy this Christmas!

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