Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I love my family!

 We have been busy...too busy to here are some pictures of what we have been up to...

Making candles, as I posted earlier..... (messy but fun.  I melt down old candle pieces, add some crayons for color and some scents..and voila!  new candles in cups!)


 Baking day was a lot of fun....with a little prelude of Nick making brownies for his secret santa pal at school.

My camera died half-way through our baking extravaganza...but we all had fun, Mom, Aunt Barbara, Dad, our kids and Aunt Barbara's grandkids....lots of sweets and lots of fun.

 Monday night we went to a friends house (Thank you Lori for the invitation, loads of fun and yummy dinner, good company included) and made gingerbread houses...well some of us made houses..some of the boys made gummy bear vs graham cracker bear battle scenes...but we all had fun!

 My  boys being funny outside the front window and flaunting the fact that they found where I hid the Trader Joe's gingerbread man cookies....

and then chomping them down!  We had fun hiding them and discovering them and alas, as I feared, they are all now gone!

We went Christmas caroling with our church last night.  Nick brought his saxophone and led us in melody. Mary sang her heart out, Taddy made a new buddy...and guarded the candle flame. Olivia was all smiles, skipping, singing.   At one point Olivia scooted up to me and linked her arm in mine and said: "I love my family!"

   I do too!

Merry Christmas...a fun and busy week.  Lots of sewing, and gluing and painting and wrapping and laughing.

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