Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Rhonda's heart and a dollar and five cents!

 I want to share the heart of a dear momma I know.  I have "known" Rhonda via email and messages for two years now.  She adopted, as a young single mother, her dear sweet Anna two years ago, when I was first starting the process to adopt Olivia.   Over these two years she has been a constant encouragement to me and inspiration in her love for God and love for her daughter.

She has a tender heart for the things that God cherishes...which I see daily in her facebook posts.  Recently, when I embraced Rachim Ministries and what Gabi is doing for her girls in Uganda, Rhonda was right there with me.

She now has a burden on her heart, that I want to share with you.   Check our her website: For the Least of read in more detail her mission.
A small exceprt from what she wrote:

"I was writing down all the gifts I bought for my daughter for Christmas and trying to decide which I would save for her birthday. You see, I bought too many. One child does not need all that I bought her. Then I log on to facebook and Christie has posted about the children in her village. Children who have not had there clothes washed in a long time, if ever. Baths are very rare too. There is simply not enough water except during the rainy season. The water they do have is contaminated. Simply put....They need a borehole."

Rhonda has started a fund-raising campaign to provide water for the children at Bugabo.   Her goal is to find 9000 (actually 8989, now) people who will donate one dollar and five cents!  Yep that's it, that all $1.05, so these children can have clean water to drink, water to bathe, water to wash their clothes.

I bet we could all spare $1.05.  If so, click on her link and donate, takes less than 60 seconds.   I have added a new link on my side bar....if you want to come back in the future and see how it is going, or to donate again!

Way to go Rhonda...I love your heart and I love how you "woman up!"

Will you join me...and Rhonda?  Think about it the next time you fill a glass of clean water from your sink.

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