Monday, January 03, 2011

beginning with thanks....

the first monday of the first month of a new year...the second decade of 2000.

Olivia did not sleep well last night, waking me up several times, I lost 3 hours of expected we had a little rough start this morning.....Mary tired and not wanting to do what she needed to do...and sleepy headed momma running out of patience too early in the day....

that said...I am still grateful....

Abba, so many blessings you bring our way...little things and big things...  I am grateful....

  • a little doggie on my bed, so I am not alone
  • a jar of buttons in my Christmas gift basket
  • heat on a cold morning
  • a job to provide for my family
  • back to school, with expectation in hand
  • a warm cup of coffee
  • a chat with a friend
  • thoughts and plans of a new year
  • listening to God's teaching from a dear teacher
  • Tad and Ollie playing football (wii style)
  • 3 of my kids wanting to be in the same room together
  • a new book bringing hope and insight (Prayer by Philip Yancy)
  • 3 free Christmas baskets to tuck away until next year
  • a smooth monday morning meeting
  • a middle of the night conversation with Dad. (Abba)
  • awareness of His presence.  (He IS always here.)
  • Nick reading Lord of the Rings..almost non-stop
Thank you Abba.

I am joining in with Ann at Holy Experience on giving thanks...want to join us?

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Mom2xamj said...

Giving thanks is such a wonderful way to start the year! I enjoyed reading your list! Looking forward to reading more ;-)

Found you through A Holy Experience