Monday, January 17, 2011

Home Church Fellowship and Blessings

 I had written a few months back, how we had changed churches, after 8 years.   Although hard to let go of what you have known, it has been a blessing that I did not know God had in store for us.

Nick and Taddy attend the youth group on Thursday nights and both play in the worship band.  Nick on keyboards and singing and Tad on the djembe drum (a recent gift from his momma.)

On several different weeks the youth have led worship in our Sunday gathering as well.   My heart has just swellled in love and praise as I hear my sons lead us in worshipping God.

This past Sunday, our church gave Nick a wonderful blessing.   To invest in Nick and the ministry God is evidently leading him into, they gave Nick a new electronic keyboard.   He had no clue.  He came in to service and saw this keyboard sat up and went over to test it out.

The picture below is when Cynthia and Greg told him it was HIS keyboard and he could take it home.   See the big grin?

 Church meeting in a home with this wonderful church family has been such a growing experience for us and such a blessing.  It is all that we had missed and longed for in our church experience.  Community, connection, transparency, family.     We all love it.

Last but not least, my perpetual football boy.   Just had to throw that picture in!

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