Sunday, March 06, 2011

and so it goes....

It has been a challenging few days....and I must admit I have  not been focusing on counting it all as gifts.   I have been laid low by a cold...and not out of my pajamas for two days.    I have felt physically horrible and not sleeping well.  My kids have been good little troopers...and caring for momma.  
I have had some hard lessons this week, as well. Has not been fun, in the least bit, which for my sanguine personality is a real rub, but it has been right.   And this too shall pass.  I want to learn His lessons well, and embrace the mercy and grace He has for me when he shines his light on things I need to change.
It is funny that I have let myself get stressed over the fact that I am behind in the read-along of 1000 how silly is that!  But I noticed I actually let it bother me.    sigh....

On other notes this week...we had a busy, intense and fun week with the kids at school.  Cowboy day, where both the Jr highers and first graders dressed up (and this momma made a horse cake...sorry no pictures), we had two book reports due (Helen Keller and Ben Franklin), duct tape day, where Nick's entire outfit was made from 8 rolls of duct tape,  and school color day, where all my kids looked great in blue, yellow and white.

Being ill and confined to bed I have watched quite a few Jane Austen movies: Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Persuasion, Sense and Sensibilities and topped it off with Becoming Jane.   I have so longed to wear dresses like Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice...but I can't quite see them blending in the cubicles of work, or pushing a shopping cart around Safeway.   sigh.....   then I had this idea.  Nightgowns!  I can make EB dresses as nightgowns and who cares what I look like at home.

Such a silly, hard, mixed up few days....I will be glad when this little season is over, and I am feeling better....and time as distanced the last few days a bit.

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GraceGal said...

I can relate. The past two weeks were tough ones. Picking myself up and beginning again. Feel better.