Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cutest Sweater EVER!!!

Sorry about the bad photo...you can see it better here.  

But isn't it the cutest sweater EVER??!!!!

I usually put my knitting needles away in the spring/summer and pick them back up for fall.  but I may have to break that rule.

I just love this....maybe I need to make it for myself AND my girls...

I really have TONS of sewing plans right now, with all my cool thrift store fabric finds...but this is awefully tempting. 

Projects on my drawing board include new slipcovers for a chair, seat covers for the mini-van, four tote bags and journals for teachers gifts,  and lots of cute skirts, shorts and pants for summer, and sundresses!  yea!      Too bad I have a day job!   I could be a little sewing queen this summer!

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