Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Show....

Last night all four of the kids were in a play/concert at thier school.     

Taddy sang and had some lines...

Olivia dancing

Nick had an acting role

Mary had a Solo

Olivia singing and dancing

Mary in the red chinese blouse ....singing heart out.

"Senator Will Speaks" speaks!
It was a great night with lots of family and friends there!    Thank you for coming Mom and Dad, Aunt Barbara, Alex and Brooke ...and to all our friends from church and the youth group.  :)  You blessed my kids and what blesses them, blesses me.

The school my kids go to is SOOOOO  awesome.   What a blessing I have that they get to go there.

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Craig said...

"and what blesses them, blesses me."

This is why I admire moms so much - moms rock - their hearts, their fears, joys,triumphs, hurts, they are all part of you - all the time - never NOT part of you. Nothing on this planet comes closer to the love of God than the love of a mom. God Bless you for having that heart. Thank you for this today – I hearted it lots – and God Bless and keep you and all of yours Sandee.