Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Life is good!

Well there is a new girl around here!  (me)....and I don't know how much I can blog about it, because I have to leave in 28 minutes to take my daughter to a doctor appt, BUT...I will write as long as I can.

Isn't that picture gorgeous.  I took it with my phone this weekend at a women's retreat with my church in Lake Tahoe.   I have been to quite a few women's retreats in my years, but I have to say:


The best by far....seriously.

I went up with the only expectation of relaxing in a beautiful place and some down time from mommy-hood.   God had bigger plans!  (I love that!)

I feel like a new momma.   I know so many women there had awesome experiences and connections and it is so amazing how God can take the same songs, and messages and prayers and activities and do a unique and personal work in each of our hearts.   YEA GOD!

Our speaker was awesome, Havilah Cunnington.  (If you need a speaker for a women's retreat, I could not recommend her ENOUGH!~)   What was so amazing, is everything she spoke about was right what I was struggling with and it blended what I have been learning the last 10 months from Boundaries and practical help with my kids and merging it with a new intimacy and closeness with God.  IT WAS JUST what I needed!~!!!!!! Desperately.

So many many other awesome things happened through the weekend, a deeper closeness with the ladies in my church, connections with new friends (I love you Serina!!!), and wonderful chats and laughs....and on the ride there and back, I was educated on food and health and have caught the fire to turn our food life right side up! (Thank you Jessica...and check out Farm Fresh to You, and the Frugal Granola).

Well I have so much more to share over the coming weeks, I hope I find time to do so... but I just have to say....

Life is good and there's a new girl around here!!!!

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